Google AMP: Get to the original site

July 8, 2017

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Google AMP set out to do the right thing, achieved that, but it opens up a new can of worms. It was designed to be loaded instantaneously, that means an emphasis on content and speed, with images and Javascript loading later.

Now the thing is, I would love AMP if it would just load when you’re on a bad connection, or if it would give you access to the original site in its menu. It even does feature a navbar with a little menu, and even an X. But the menu only consists of general info about AMP, and the X just closes the site, going back to Google (if you opened it from Google, if not the X doesn’t even appear).

Leaving out slow Javascript and loading images later can lead to a bad looking site, that even misses out on content sometimes. It’s a bit like those Reading modes in browsers, you’re not always sure if the site just didn’t include that picture they’re referencing, or if it’s plainly not there. You need to check and I find that annoying.

Well, to get to the original site on Google AMP, just use the desktop view on your browser. On Chrome for instance, that’s called “Request desktop site”. That way, Google will not display the AMP page but go with the original instead.

I really hope Google will sort this out and make AMP easier to use, because it hits a nerve. It just needs to improve that last few inches.