If you make a series, link to the other parts

July 9, 2017

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One thing I always hate, is when I read an interesting article and I see it’s part 2. That means, I probably have to or want to read part 1 as well. And is there even a part 3?

If you make a series out of something, be it blogs, or videos, etc, then link them together.

At least provide a link to the previous and the next part. The best thing is, for blogs, if you include a category or a series taxonomy. You can see that in my blog here. There’s currently two series, Python for Java Programmers and Build a PC . These series are meant to be read in order. There’s also categories or tags in my blog here, these are just to find posts that are like minded or about the same general thing; like UX .

For videos, use a playlist on your channel. Not everyone is on PC where you can open the series in multiple tabs beforehand. On the PS4 for instance, you have to find the next part in a lot of other videos for each part you’re watching. And if you press the wrong button, you’re back to whatever page you started with. If I have a playlist, YouTube will save my progress on the video and on the playlist, so I can just click on the playlist again.

And if you don’t do any of these things, at least call them all the same. When there’s no link and I want to read a sequel to “The greatest clickbait on earth, part 1”, it shouldn’t be called “Doctors wouldn’t want you to know this, part 2”

And yes, as you can see, I pretty much hate clickbait and I’m probably gonna make a post about it. Which you can find by the search box. If I make it. 😉