If code is only meant for yourself, make it bug free too

October 17, 2013

193 words, a 1 minutes read

As I’m now using my self-coded alarm clock for the first time to REALLY wake me up, one thought strived my mind. I know that it’s working, but I had in mind that some things screw up a little bit, if you don’t reset it after an alarm.

I didn’t know what it was, so it took me about half a minute to figure out again: the GUI isn’t that elegant, since it does not graphically revert if you use it again. Some things like the Stop button stay in the “Stopped” state instead of reverting to “Stop” again, although the “mechanic” of stopping the sounds works fine. So it’s more a cosmetic issue rather than a bug, but it may confuse.

Note to myself: Don’t excuse “It’s only meant for myself to use”. If it is, then you’re gonna spend a great amount of time trying to remember what wasn’t working the next time you use it. You’d better spend that time on fixing that problem and knowing that everything works fine so far.

As always, “note to myself”s are meant for everybody to note for themselves. I hate using empty phrases…