May 14, 2014
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As some of you may have heard, I’m going on an extended holiday to Canada. Tickets are booked from 6th of July to 3rd of September, so you hopefully won’t hear much tech stuff from me in those 2 months :)

I’ll be starting in the Toronto area and will then decide where to go exactly.

The reason I chose Canada is mainly because I’ve got relatives over there and because I like the Canadian way of thinking. Additionally, even though I’m a techie I love nature and I love having time on my own without depending on anybody else. That’s why I won’t go to a language school of some sort, I think my English is well enough and in my humble opinion you learn more from life than in a classroom. I’ve chosen not to plan too much since I’m doing that all the time when I’m working. So if any interesting plan comes up, I’m on it!

At the moment, I’m just preparing everything, like booking flights (done), collecting interesting places to go, checking all the legal and money stuff and last but not least, see if all my geeky stuff still works there (mobile phone + Internet, electrical equipment etc.). 2 months are a long time and I don’t want to be stuck there with just an old Nokia. But I wouldn’t let that ruin my trip ;)

While I’m away, expect some photos and stories here. A friend lent me his DSLR camera so I hope I can get some great pictures out there. I’m still learning to use it properly but this isn’t rocket science anymore. And I’ve got a friend who helps me, so if you love photos go visit her website!