The past, the present and the future (2014)

July 7, 2014

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I have waited one year to write this title as an homage to my great friend, Florian Bruhin.

I’m finally done with my apprenticeship, although it lasts until August. Time for the headlines, woohoo!

The past

Since April, I’ve done all my exams. This meant doing my IPA (final examination) as an IT specialist, where I’ve set up a wireless LAN with both staff and guest access. Additionally, as I’m doing vocational baccalaureate (thanks for that, The-Compiler!), that meant a lot of stress for the finals. The results drum roll:

  • 5.6 in my apprenticeship (marks go from 1 to 6, 6 is best)
  • 5.1 for my vocational baccalaureate

… which means I’m pretty content.

The present

I’m working until August as an apprentice, where I’ll switch to a full-time job at the same company I’ve worked for the past 4 years.

In my free time, I’ve finally got more time to catch up with all the things I’ve missed. You may find me playing games on Steam far more often ;)

The future

I am working for just 1 year, because I plan to study afterwards. I’m not yet sure what exactly, let’s just say it will be IT-related. In this year I’m planning a trip to Canada to my relatives, so if any of my readers are living there, just leave a note :)

Additionally, I hope there will be far more posts since I’ve now got a lot more free time.