Destiny: Clan Tutorial (PS4 clan)

November 17, 2014

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As my friends and I are playing a lot of Destiny, we thought of creating a clan. This helps you organize your group in a more permanent form than a fireteam and helps you organize alliances to raid.

It is not that easy to do everything right, so I compiled some steps on how to do it.

Important: for a PS clan to work, you have to be at least 3 people (you included). When you’re not, your clan tag will not show up in-game.


Ok, so some things you need to know:
Your clan is basically a group and a clan. People can join either or both of them. To have a clan, you have to set up clan features for the platforms you’re playing on.

Create your group and clan

To create your clan, head to You can set a name, motto and some statement. Important: set your clan as a PSN clan here and enter a clan tag (4 characters). I set mine to open, but with confirmation needed from my side.

Your clan will then be created on the destiny side.

Add members to group

I’m not sure if this step is necessary or can be omitted by the next step, but I did it this way and it worked.

Provide a link to some sub-page of your clan. The URL will be something like Forums/yourclannumber. Your friends can then enter (“Follower”) and you can approve them. These will show up as “Members” then.

Add members to clan

Provide your friends then with another link, which is something like Playstation/. Your friends have to enter that too, so they will count to your Playstation Clan. They will show up as “Clanmates”. In the app, you will see this number next to a PSN logo.

That’s all you need to do! Your clan tag will then show up in-game :)