IKEA doesn't get mobile

March 27, 2016
398 words, a 2 minutes read

Just a little rant about mobile UX on a shop that should clearly get it right.

I wanted to buy some furniture and therefore needed a shopping list for when I get there. Apparently, you need an account for storing that.

So I wanted to create one. You gotta know that I use a password manager for my passwords and I don’t know more than 3 passwords currently. Therefore, they’re quite long (15 characters plus, won’t tell you exactly) and I usually don’t type them, I just copy and paste.

So I generated one for IKEA. I also use the form filling feature of my password manager, so I don’t have to enter my name and phone number on each registration form. All fields were matched and filled out correctly, and I pasted my generated password into the password field. Not so much luck with the “repeat your password field”. Apparently, it uses some JS to block pasting. Look, I see where you’re going with that, but it’s not like it’s that much of a drama when you get your IKEA password wrong on the registration form, just reset it.

So I then had to open my password manager on another device and had to manually type my long password. Ok, so far, so good, minor inconvenience. Then I filled out some CAPTCHA stuff (isn’t that thing dead too?) and clicked on Create profile.

Then I got back to my registration form again, telling me several things COULD be wrong and clearing all my information already entered. It’s not telling me what is wrong and as of now I don’t have the time to troubleshoot a f*** registration form for a place I wanna send money too.

So as for now, I’ll rely on the old going into the store thing. I get it, most people will do that. But if it’s just 10 percent of people that are not gonna buy things because the UX is shitty, I don’t think you need an accountant to see your losses.

So for any shop owners or IKEA in this case:
* make registration as easy as possible
* think of people on mobile devices
* give meaningful error messages

I think I don’t need to tell anybody working in online retail that most sales are lost at this point (in general, there are some case studies you can find).