Intel NUC6I5 WHEA error

March 17, 2016

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After my HTPC-turned big old ASUS PC died (ok, I may have made a mistake while mounting a new GPU), it was time for a new one. The NUC platform seemed to match my needs:
* Quick boot, all around fast machine
* Small form factor, not looking too geeky
* Can play low-level games (Sims)

I then bought the new Swift Canyon NUC with a Skylake i5 and fitted 2x4GB RAM. I bought the H version (which stands for High I guess) contrary to the K version. The H version can fit a SATA disk, which is what I needed since I didn’t wanna spend money on a M.2 when I don’t need the speed.

The platform matched all my expectations. There was a small problem with wireless periphery receivers, such as the Logitech Unifying dongle. Apparently, the USB 3 port interferes with devices in the 2.4 GHz band. A simple solution is to use a small USB cable extension and put it away just a few centimeters.

There is now a serious problem though: whenever I boot, I get a bluescreen telling me of a WHEA error. This points to a serious hardware problem, I checked replacing RAM but that didn’t work. Intel knows of this problem (check this thread) and is currently investigating it, it seems to be connected to overheating and fans that don’t run properly. I think this will lead to a recall as it’s affecting more and more users.

I hope Intel gets this right as the NUC platform is exactly what I need. When this issue is resolved, I will post a more thorough review.