Stop traffic announcements (TP) on a Volkswagen (Audi) RNS-D

July 14, 2016
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After I had my Smart car, I switched to the next weirdo car: the A2. Yes, that’s the one who looks like it was designed by engineers and computers. Not pretty, but highly functional. 

The radio system in there is, as an optional upgrade, the RNS-D. If you didn’t know you can plug almost anything into the CD changer port. In fact, my CD changer now features Bluetooth, USB and an AUX port. You can even call people. 

The only problem is that traffic announcements are coming up all the time even though I don’t really need it. Also it’s not pausing my Bluetooth audio so it’s not only useless but annoying. 

To turn it off, put it in Radio mode (!, it won’t work from any other mode) and press the TP button for 2-3 seconds. You’ll hear a beep and you’re good. Note that this may reset itself if you do listen to radio, just repeat.