PS4 Pro is not a new console - it's Sony's New 3DS

September 9, 2016

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Sony recently announced a Pro version of their PS4 which is eventually gonna replace the current PS4. It’s features basically include better graphics, even on 4K. Along with that, there’s a Slim version, based on the current model. 

Now people think they’re getting screwed. One of the points they had against PC Master Race was, that you didn’t need to upgrade your graphics card every 5 minutes to still play games in a smooth way. Has Sony just broken this promise? 

I’m tempted to do a break here and send you to the next page, like some clickbait articles. Oh wait, I don’t earn money. Anyway, let’s get on. 

No, Sony has not screwed you.

Sony has told times and times again: the games will be the same, the only thing allowed (and heavily encouraged) are graphic updates. More fps, higher visibility range, more AA, you get it. Sony even asks developers of already released games to update them to the updated console. Oh btw, they just confirmed that you won’t get any advantage in multiplayer games either. 

This is just Sony’s New 3DS. After some time, they listened to the players and developers greatest needs and replaced the console with an upgraded version. But all games will run on every PS4. 

So now you ask, what if a developer doesn’t want to stick to that and throws new features on his PS4 Pro release? Well, games on Sony’s consoles are even more controlled than apps in the Apple App Store. So if a developer tries to do that, Sony can just say No. And that developer will have a hard time selling his game on cracked (I don’t know if there’s even a way yet) consoles. 

The problem with the current gen is that they lag behind. In recent years, all the consoles were basically really sophisticated hardware that allowed for better performance than the current PCs. But now, they lost that race. Any “gamer pc” is better on the visuals than a current gen console. So this step is logical and should help the PC Master Race. Developers now don’t have to scale down things so much but can work on a bigger scale on the console, and then maybe have to tune it down for the PC again (at least on Normal settings). 

My current plan is to own my PS4 until it dies (2 years warranty are over now), and then get a new Pro one. Yes, the fact that it might die just because it’s a first revision is not nice, but that’s been a problem for years. With every console. But that doesn’t stop me enjoying games on my current one. I don’t have a 4k TV or don’t plan to have one in the near future, so that doesn’t bother me that much. 

One thing that does bother me, is why they didn’t include a bigger HDD instead of just their 1TB. I installed a 1TB SSHD and it’s getting quite full. How’s that possible? Well, I don’t have any game cartridges lying around. All my games are digitally purchased. But I can’t even download all of them. Also, they didn’t include a 4k Blu-ray player because streaming is the future. Well then, why don’t you include a 2TB disk by default if you insist on no physical medias in the near future. But anyway, all my points are still valid and maybe we’ll see my improvements on the PS4 Business. Oh wait, that’s Microsoft nomenclature. 

Thank you for reading and not spreading the word like a stupid flu, that Sony screwed you royally. Oh and for all the Xbox fan boys: do a search for Xbox Scorpio.