Don't give away crap T-shirts

December 30, 2016

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I’ve recently been given some T-shirts from events and organizations. And I think they’re all crap. Why? Absolutely no quality.

See, my father used to have a little side project, selling clothes to businesses. Usually that included some T-shirts with a logo printed or embroidered. So I think I know a bit about T-shirts.

If you’re planning an event and thinking of giving a giveaway, then please check your budget and sort something out that’s actually ok at that value. I’d rather have some little gadget or invention than a 5$ crap T-shirt.

They’re only gonna end up at the local mission center and given away to some family that’s got nothing. Well, if you wanna help those people then just tell that some part of admission is gonna be part of a donation. You got yourself a better image basically for free, as you were gonna spend that money anyway. And I don’t have to take a T-shirt home only to be disappointed again.

Now on the other hand, if you really wanna do T-shirts, then invest a bit. I think the best thing is to just sell them. At the price of normal events (I’m not talking about several hundreds of dollars to special events) you should be spending that money on, guess what, the actual event. So if one wants to have a T-shirt, you can just sell it separately.